Monday, August 17

cake and a pinwheel quilt

Martha's apple and blackberry cake

I hope you had a good weekend. I hate how they always go way to fast. At 10:30ish am on Saturday, I picked up the mail that included the September issue of Martha. Always a treat! By 230ish we were stuffing our faces with apple and blackberry cake (page 135). Luckily, I had just picked up both fruits during our weekly orchard trip before getting the mail and had a serious craving for baked goods. I don't have a spring form pan so I used a bundt pan, not as pretty. It doesn't really matter what it looks like because the apples completely melt away into soft sweetness.

pinwheel baby quilt

Another boyish quilt, I cut the fabrics for this one at the same time as the zig zag one. This is probably my best technically made quilt yet, however, after sewing the pinwheels together, I wish I would have added in some white sashing in between them. It is also a little small, after washing 37 inches square. It seems crazy to spend time on a quilt that is so small, not sure how much this will get used, but maybe this size would be good for the car or stroller?

pinwheel baby quilt

How cute is that flannel backing? I have been eying this stuff for awhile and was happy to get some for this quilt. I did mess up the backing when I pinned the quilt together, it is slightly crooked. I need to figure out a better system to make sure the backing is the right angle to the front. I have been struggling with the tension during stippling, this time I got some machine quilting thread and the stippling worked up like a dream.

All in all I made good strides in the technical aspect of quilting, I have also decided to shoot to make bigger quilts, and realized I might be addicted...3 more in the works...

Pattern: pinwheel (I was inspired by this tutorial but sewed the squares and then cut two triangles like this tutorial)

Size: 37" inches square

pinwheel baby quilt


Stephanie said...

Seriously.. where do you find the time ?!?!
Really cute quilt - some day I will finish my not-so-technically-sound quilt and then have to try a pinwheel one too! I love the fun colors.

nicole said...

love it!!

Deanne said...

Your quilts are awesome! Such talent girl! I need the recipe for the cake!!

Rima said...

Oh my! That quilt is so very nice! I am loving the backing. It is just so great!

Amrita said...

The quilts are awesome!! Love your work! I chanced upon your blog through yarnydays and love all of your FOs. Btb, lovee your haircut - I'm planning to chop off my hair soon so looking for inspiration :)

jenni said...

Thank you everybody!

Amrita - thanks for the compliment, good luck with your hair cut!