Wednesday, August 26

small projects

I just can't get enough of sewing lately. And I seriously want a serger. I was telling Gregg about my want (not need, mind you) and he said well why don't you just sell your sewing machine now and buy one off craigslist. Poor Gregg, he has no idea that a girl needs more than one machine! He looked very skeptical that this was true. Oh, innocent Gregg. These projects I have been slowly working on during the past month and saved up to post them all in one fell swoop.

hexagon flower :: I so needed a patch that would cover my soon to be exposed bum. Perfect timing for the sew mama sew post to show up. Next time, I will just cut out hexagons and applique them to the object though.

flower hexagon patch

Eric Carle :: I am in love with the fabric by Eric Carle. I got some of the Brown Bear fabric for a special project and threw in a half yard of this hungry caterpillar print. I am not sure though if others would get that these are from the Hungry Caterpillar and not just pictures with holes in them (not sure I would). But I do know and they are cute!
eric carle applique

eric carle applique

Table Topper :: I tried out this design for a table topper. I like the straight edges combined with the diagonals. I made this one for a friend and I hope to make us one with Christmas fabrics.

table runner

Bloomers :: The bloomers pattern is from Weekend Sewing. Seriously easy. I love me some elastic thread. The top/dress was based off the sunny day top from House on Hill Road. I am hoping this will fit a 6-12 month old lady.
baby dress and bloomers

baby dress and bloomers

I wish I could say I am off to sew some more but I caught the mean bug that my girl had the past two days. not as fun as all.


nicole said...

love it all! that little baby outfit is to die for... i've had it on my list to use my elastic thread all summer...still hasn't happened!

RosaMarĂ­a said...

what a pretty stuff!!! i love those table topper and the yellow tinny dot fabric!

Vixanne said...

Wow! Super productive! That little yellow outfit is just gorgeous! (and a really nice shade of yellow too).

Stephanie said...

Ok. First off being w/o the internet for 2 weeks has left me far behind in the blogging world - boo!!!
Secondly. You DESERVE serger. Seriously.. just get it. The sooner you get it the sooner you will get your money's worth!! ;)
Thirdly: I need a tutorial for that table runner. Really I do. I want one for Christmas. Can you tutorial it up for me puleeeeese?!
Oh. and for the hexagonal patch also :D

p.s.... did you by the serger yet?!?!

clintandleximorgan said...

So cute Jenni! I think Eric Carle is so cute too and am familiar with his stuff. So...I think if people know Eric Carle...they'll recognize the material. Very darling things...I really like the pants too! great idea!!!

The Hulls said...

Jenni, you are so talented! I love everything... especially the table topper!! Thank you so much!

Libby said...

You are super talented, Jenni. I love the yellow dress and the table topper especially.

I have given you a blogger award here:

Rima said...

You are out of control! So much of sewing. All of them are so beautiful. I am loving the hexagon flower.