Tuesday, September 1

popcorn stripe blanket

popcorn stripe crochet blanket

I saw a knit blanket that had large and skinny stripes of two different colors coming together in the middle. I liked the idea but wanted to do it with crochet. super quick, super soft blanket. It got its name when I noticed the similarities between the blanket (as I was weaving in all those ends) and the bowl of popcorn my girl was stuffing her face with.

popcorn stripe crochet blanket

Popcorn Stripe Blanket
(rav link)

Yarn: Patons Melody (I used almost 4 skeins of sunny yellow and 3.5 skeins of white)
Hook: Size N (10.00 mm)

Chain 72.

Row 1: In 2nd chain from hook, DC. DC in every stitch across, Ch2, turn. (Ch2 counts as first DC in every row).

Row 2- 30 : DC in every stitch across (remember to skip first stitch after turning work). Ch 2, turn.

Work the following color pattern and cut the yarn when changing colors at the beginning and end of the rows (this = a lot of ends to weave end!):

6 rows white
1 yellow
4 white
2 yellow
3 white
3 yellow
2 white
4 yellow
1 white
6 yellow

SC all the way around edges, 3 SC in each corner, and place SC evenly on the edges with row ends.

Size: 33" x 46"

popcorn stripe crochet blanket


nicole said...

i like how the stripes get thicker...so cute!

Shorty said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing your pattern!