Wednesday, September 16

big wonky blocks quilt

big wonky blocks quilt

These blocks were 12" square. That made for some big pieces of fabric. Which made it go together fast but not sure about the "interestingness" of it. I do love that small sashing throughout. Really sets the blocks.

big wonky blocks quilt

I used minky fabric for the backing. I have decided I don't like using minky fabric because I think it limits the quilting choices. But because this and the zig zag quilt are off to some sweet twin boys (I hope their personalities are as different from each other as these quilts are!), there is no way one boy could have the super soft minky quilt and the other have something not so soft. I quilted diagonal lines 3" apart.

big wonky blocks quilt

big wonky blocks quilt

Pattern: wonky block or off set square block

Size: 36" x 48" after washing

I started making my first quilt my sophomore year of college. I have no idea what possessed me to go make a quilt. My mom wasn't a quilter yet and I think I was a sporadic sewer at the time. But I clearly remember wanting to make a quilt and I went to the local quilt shop to get help and supplies. After I pieced that top together, in one day, it took me 6 years to hand quilt it! The quilt shop told me there are two ways to quilt, hand and machine but they said you need a sewing machine attachment for that. So of course I decided to hand quilt, I look back on this now and realize I just had no idea! I found out that hand quilting was hard and that is why I worked on and off the quilt for 6 years. I vowed to never make another quilt, it just wasn't that fun. But look at me now! I am addicted and it is fun!


Stephanie said...

SO FUN!! I love the sashing on it too.
Thanks for the story.. I needed a quilting boost as my first one is still sitting there with long sad eyes saying "quilt me in less than 6 years".

Shorty said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the wonky blocks. That looks so retro but modern. Very cool!

nicole said...

glad you decided to like it because it is fun to see your creations! this is my FAVORITE one yet!!!!

Bethany Heckman said...

I love the "wonky" quilt. It's perfect for a boy, I was thinking that before I read on. It's difficult to find "boy" projects I really like, and I have an abundance of boy. My first quilting project is still in pieces in my closet. It was supposed to be for #3, crib bedding...and #4 is fast outgrowing that crib!!

Laurie Anne said...

I love this quilt! Being a beginner quilter I love that there isn't alot of little piecing going on. Love the bold, bright modern fabrics!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Rima said...

Holy Cow, this is beautifuL!

UK lass in US said...

Oh, that is a great looking quilt. I really like the way it looks.

Andrea McMann said...

I'm so glad you gave quilting another try! Your quilts are so inspiring!! Lately, I've been seriously thinking about making my first real quilt. My b-day is next month, and as a matter of fact, I've asked my mom to get me a rotary cutter and mat, so maybe I'll have a finished quilt to show off sometime in the future! Keep up the great work. I love looking at all your projects!