Monday, September 28

kid size oven mitt

Our weather lately has gotten me PUMPED for fall. Fall has the best colors of any season and I love fall foods. A few favs: winter squash, this cauliflower soup, and applesauce (I added cardamom to our applesauce batch this year, I really like cardamom and applesauce). Speaking of oven mitt for my girl. After I showed her the finished oven mitt, she made me a hot pickle in her kitchen.

child's oven mitt

child's oven mitt

Such a simple project but the mitt above was my 3rd attempt. I am glad I got it right and that she loves it...certainly makes crafting way better when the gift is not forced upon the recipient!


Stephanie said...

How fun is that!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet oven mitt...Mmmmm 'hot pickle' my favourite :)

Andrea McMann said...

He he! I accidentally made a kid-sized oven mitt recently. I was trying to make an adult-size one, but made it too small! My daughter loves it, though! :)