Wednesday, August 12

eeeeekkk!! the cuteness!!

You could say that I have been obsessed with making baby hats. This might be seen as torture since we will have to wait a little bit before I can make a hat for our baby but it most definitely is not torture. I have had so much fun making these hats! It started with making a hat for a friend's little boy turning one. What to make for a one year old boy? Boys always stump me for crafting. So I went super practical and decided to make him a hat for the winter months (ssshhh he didn't know it was a super lame gift). I first used what I thought was my favorite hat pattern (rav link) but added some length and rows to make it bigger. BUT it didn't fit him. So I had his mama measure his head and I decided to make a way cooler hat, the skater beanie. Which is supposed to fit tight...

skater crochet hat

BUT it didn't fit him still. So I made a bigger version of the skater beanie. Still cool, I might add.
skater beanie

It FITS!! and while it was a brief try on session, just too hot for such things, it looked super cute on the cool little dude.

I had such a good time crocheting the skater hats, I thought about this butterfly hat pattern I found awhile back and hadn't done yet.
butterfly hat

CAN YOU STAND IT?? How cute is that hat? I made two, one super small and one very small. I need to grab my little neighbor downstairs (Mel? Sopfia?) to see how they fit.

Then a sewing project. I branched out from my normal child's apron. That apron is perfect for dress up and tea parties but what about a 4 year old who LOVES to help her mama in the kitchen? This girl needed a proper full length apron. My mom made my girl and myself aprons last year. So I used my mom's idea as my pattern. I included buttonholes on the neck to ensure a good fit that would last for her and then her sister.
childs apron


Katie May said...

I LOVE the beanies!

Stephanie said...

I really can't stand it!! I need two of those pink ones!!!!!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Love the butterfly hat. I think I need to make one for my daughter.

Libby said...

I love making the skater beanies too. But I must comment that the apron is adorable. I just purchased the book "The perfect apron" and I can't wait to get started. :-)

dana said...

Okay, I am REALLY in love with that soft baby pink one. The color is brilliant. More antique looking. Not your typical pink. And the little pattern in front. Beautiful! I want one! I guess I need a baby first... :)

Deanne said...

Can I tell you how much Haley loves the apron? She wears it all the time! You are so creative and so thoughtful. I love you! xoxo