Wednesday, December 2

granny stars and an anniversary

granny stars!

crochet granny stars!

crochet granny stars!

(tutorial here and used her "edit") aren't they awesome?!?! I have big plans for these, BIG. But first these will go on our tree. I did spray starch them so my points would be proper star points. I just can't get enough of granny crochet lately. I have all these wants but I need to hold off until after Christmas. I will say I figured out how to spice up our silhouettes and I am excited to get to it!

So two good friends of mine met in graduate school. They fell in LOVE. big time love and got married last September! The Mrs. is extremely crafty and she did SO MUCH of the details for the wedding herself. A total DIY wedding. Sadly, we couldn't attend the wedding but she posted on her blog most of the projects she did for the wedding. It was almost like we were there. If you are planning a wedding, I HIGHLY recommend you go to Nicole's blog and look at her wedding crafts (her wedding was also featured on style me pretty), like I said she did a lot and she has a great style. One of the projects she wanted to do was a wedding quilt as a form of a guest book. She had all the guests sign a piece of muslin and then one of her good friends and bridesmaids sewed them into a gorgeous quilt top. Well I will just let you read about the project here but that good friend of the new Mrs. asked ME to help! I was so excited that she asked me. Like I said I am still sad we couldn't attend the wedding or really help in anyway with all the DIYness, so I was extremely happy I could help with this wedding project. Thus an anniversary quilt was born...
anniversary quilt
anniversary quilt
anniversary quilt
anniversary quilt

Jess made a gorgeous quilt top and then I quilted it up. I was very nervous to quilt it, I really thought and thought how to go about it and how not to mess it up! Go read on Nicole's blog about the quilt and see more pictures. Happy Anniversary Nicole and Grant!!

if you are getting married you should do a wedding quilt too!

p.s. I think there were 5 couples that are married now but when each of us started grad school in the University of Oregon's physiology department we were single. We all found a fellow graduate student or even an undergrad that sparked that little something in us. (in my case it was a very hunky undergrad) If you are into physiology and are single, I highly recommend University of Oregon's grad program!


nicole said...

i laughed out loud at your PS!! seriously hilarious! thanks for all the thoughtful words and again for all your work on that quilt. we adore it!

Michelle said...

Love the beautiful...
and so glad you enjoyed making the Grandma Twinkles...
They look amazing!!!

Dani said...

I am trippin' over that floral print! Those colors are my faves. Very nice.