Monday, December 7


We put up our Christmas decorations this weekend. such fun thinking of the memories of each treasured ornament. In decorating, I came across this wall hanging:
wreath wall hanging

wreath wall hanging

I completely forgot I had made this. I think I forgot because I wanted to improve on the next one I did but clearly now I am not going to make another one. I was inspired by this wall hanging, frankly I am inspired by everything she makes. I used heat and bond to seal the squares of the wreath to the backing fabric and then stitched two circles around the squares to give it a wreath feel. I also stitched "joy" with my machine. I think next time I will use thicker thread, like quilting cotton or maybe go over it a couple times, just so the letters stand out more. I really like the idea of these little decorative quilt pieces or even just a fun block pattern to try out but not make a whole quilt.
wreath wall hanging

I finished a present for Lilly this weekend, hopefully the weather will perk up to get a photo to share!


Ann On and On... said...

That is simply sweet.... It is so much fun going through Christmas "stuff".

Laurie Anne said...

so sweet! I love finding 'stuff' the kids have made over the years...some of it makes it onto the tree...most of it gets moved to the treasure trove. :)

Stephanie said...

I love that! I only wish I could do the funky design on mine (quilting it?) not my forte I must say, that is a really good idea

accountantgrrl said...

Love it!

Dani said...

Very nice. I like the wonkiness of it. And I mean that as a compliment.