Wednesday, July 14

butterfly mobile

Jane's butterfly mobile

Jane isn't getting her own room for a bit. She is going to sleep in our room for the first few months. I think Lills stayed with us for 5 months and then she got the boot. Although she was sleeping through the night about 11 weeks, we just liked her near us. We used to wake up all the time to make sure Lilly was still breathing. I am guessing Jane might get the boot a bit earlier, that allure and nervousness of being first time parents might be gone. Waking up to all those sweet baby sleeping sounds in the night this time around might not be so sweet! Poor Jane, no room for now and already talking about her moving out! But she has an area carved out of our room for her stuff. Her changing table and clothes will be in this corner and she has a butterfly mobile to gaze at while getting her diapers changed. So I think she has it pretty good!

Jane's butterfly mobile

Jane's butterfly mobile

I used some of the same fabrics in her much anticipated Grammie quilt and added in a few others that seemed to go. I followed this tutorial but after trying to match up two butterflies and then iron them, I got smart and ironed the two fabrics together first before cutting once. Then I used my sewing machine to stitch down the group of them.

Jane's butterfly mobile

Jane's butterfly mobile

At first I liked the look of the hoop hanging slanted off the hanger (like in the tutorial) but I didn't like how the butterflies didn't have as much room as when the hoop was centered or maybe because I wrapped the hoop in muslin? So I might rehang the hoop off of the hanger but for now I am lazy so it will stay. But I do think that brick wall might be in need of some sort of decoration? perhaps a wall hanging?

Jane's butterfly mobile

ps. i keep getting these spam comments that make no sense and are basically directing to some not so nice websites, how can I stop this? I keep deleting them as they come in but that is getting really old. ideas?

pss. i watched Julie & Julia the other night. I so wanted to cook like crazy after that movie, kinda like the need for wine after Sideways, or chocolate after Chocolat. After the movie I checked out the Julie/Julia project blog, I wonder how many blogs there were in 2002 and now in 2010? I wonder what that blog would be like today, pretty pictures or no? She seemed to have been quite the entertaining writer, well I imagine you would have to be to get a book deal!


Dani said...

Cute. Very cute, indeed.

As far as the spam goes, I've gotten a few of those things and deleted them...luckily my spammers didn't return, at least not on a regular basis. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Cute mobile!

As far as the spam, I can't remember but, I'm pretty sure that Blogger allows you to moderate your comments. Maybe try that so that they don't show up on your blog.

I know that Wordpress (my blog host) automatic shifts anything that it thinks is "spam" into a special folder for me to go through. I can't remember if Blogger has that, though. :-(

Yarny Days said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Perfect.