Tuesday, August 3

McCalls 6512

I didn't end up sewing myself any dresses like I had planned now that we are just days away from Jane (!!!), I decided to wait and make dresses that fit me without the Jane belly. But I sure had fun getting back into pattern sewing for Jane. Two versions of McCalls 6512. This dress has a wrap top with so many ways to finish the bottom skirt.
McCalls 6152

corduroy with bottom ruffle version
McCalls 6152

simple red cotton version
McCalls 6152
McCalls 6152

There will be more many more! I made these two in the small size which is supposed to be 13-18 pounds. I was hoping the red cotton one would shrink in the wash so as Jane could wear it a bit sooner but I don't think it did at all. So I am trying my hardest to not make any more versions until we see if Jane is a chunk or a skinny minny. I would hate to make her the jean version that won't fit until next summer. but oh I can't wait to make that one! or the brown butterfly one! or the mix matched yellow one! or the cute little diaper covers to match!


Pam said...

Beautiful dresses !!! Thanks for sharing love u 11 days and counting until I am there Whoo Hoo

nicole said...

yay!! loove them!

Dani said...



Makes me want another babe...almost. Only almost.

UK lass in US said...

How cute! Lucky lucky little Jane.

You're making me feel guilty for often putting my daughter in her brother's hand me downs at that age (I hadn't yet taught myself to sew at that point...)

Anonymous said...
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