Monday, August 9

farmers market cardi

farmers market cardi

I am so incredibly happy with this knit. This sweater was a challenge for me! Many things about the pattern were 1st time attempts for me and that shawl collar!! Oh man, was that a doosey to figure out how to knit. But several rip outs and try agains later I got it right and I am so so so happy.

farmers market cardi
farmers market cardi
farmers market cardi
farmers market cardi
farmers market cardi

Last November, I scored the Patons yarn for this sweater from Micheals for $2.oo a skein! The sweater used exactly 6 skeins. And I mean exactly 6 skeins, I had to go buy a 7th for seaming! Can you believe that!?! so in total this sweater cost me about 16 bucks! This was my first time using Patons wool so I am a bit curious to see how it holds up with wear. This sweater was so much work that I should have thought about my yarn choice a bit more before diving in. I also wanted to knit this in a pretty pretty mustard color but made myself branch out a bit and pick this plumy color. A nice little addition of color to my wardrobe and I think my mustard crochet earrings would look really nice with it.

farmers market cardi

I do love it and am very much looking forward to some cool weather to wear it...while holding Jane in my arms!

Pattern: Farmers market cardigan, printed pattern in Interweave Knits Fall 2009; size 36 chest. (no mods; listed some suggestions/frustrations on my rav page)

Yarn: Patons classic wool in plum heather (6.2 skeins)


Yarn Envy said...

That is gorgeous. I wish I could Knit but one craft at a time lol.

Dani said...


And your beautiful belly is pretty amazing too!

Stephanie said...

LOVE your little belly ~ so adorable!
The sweater is gorgeous, job well done AGAIN!

Shorty said...

Great job! It really looks like a sweater I would see hanging on a rack in a store... I'm very impressed Jen! And I adore the color. I think your suggestion for earrings will be a beautiful adornment.

Tracie said...

So very beautiful. I am in the midst of a knitting stitches class. I'm hoping to do a pattern reading one next then move on to sweater. This is really lovely!

Shirley said...

I LOVE this sweater and the color. Beautiful job Jenni. It is nicer than one I saw in a catalog and am considering buying. Maybe I'll learn to knit when I retire.

Tamara Lyn said...

WOW, Jenni! I didn't know you were so talented!! I've seen you knitting outside before, but had no idea what you were brewing! :D Way to go!! :D