Monday, January 17

Christmas gifts

I really didn't get to crazy on the handmade front this year. Gregg was gone a bit in November and December so it was nice to not also have to worry about making gifts. I put together a few calendars for the grandparents and made my mom a mixer cover. I didn't get a picture before I sent it although I could take a picture of the one I made for myself (Merry Christmas to me!) The girls did a get a few things...

Lills got a superhero outfit! To be honest she didn't seem that impressed with it on Christmas. I kinda suggested she wear it for these pictures and then it came right off and stayed off. And then just last week as cute as can be is my girl giggling in the hallway in her superhero outfit and she added her cape (crazy how I used the same colors, I forgot about the red on the cape).
December 352
December 347

Pattern: McCall's 5727
Fabric: a red crushed panne for the top, aqua sequin for the skirt, and a silver metallic for the belt

I made Jane a mooshy belly bunny (tutorial here) and Santa brought her a sock monkey (made like this one). Both pretty good at taking a good chewing session from her.
stuffies for Jane
January 114

January 105

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Meesh said...

Okay Jenni I looove your blog!!! I found it awhile ago when Jen H. linked to it on her blog. I'm so impressed with your mad sewing/knitting/crafting skills!!! You are such a talented lady! I want to learn how to knit, now I know who I can call if I need some help. :) All of your creations are amazing!!! And yes I think we need to arrange some sort of craft day. And we should invite Jamie! Let's do this.