Thursday, March 24

a rainbow sweater

rainbow cardigan

I think Lilly caught on to all the knitting and sewing going on for a certain baby and momma around here. She asked in the saddest voice ever if she would get a new sweater soon. I just had to make her one. We discussed what she wanted, a sweater that opens down the front with lots of buttons. She also requested green, blue and purple colors but then she added on red and yellow. (Pink was also added on when I got back from the yarn store with her said colors and some additional yarn in pink for Jane, Jane won't mind sharing). Lilly put herself in charge of selecting buttons.

She declared it "so beautiful."
rainbow cardigan
rainbow cardigan
rainbow cardigan

This pattern was fun to knit and it went by fast...not sure if it was the size, the pattern, or the constant yarn changes. I was regretting the seven different colors when it came time to weave in ends. So far this sweater gets a lot of use so I know the recipient likes it. I am wondering how the yarn will hold up over time. Its beginning to show wear already.

Pattern: drive thru sweater
Mods: minimal changes, see ravelry page
Yarn: all berocco vintage except some random dark blue acrylic

rainbow cardigan


Steph said...

so fun!!

Shorty said...

Great job! And I think it's beautiful, too. I'm still working on learning to knit...
Much progress has not been made, Yoda says.