Monday, November 14

the cats pajamas (McCalls 6428)

McCalls 6428

Jane loves dogs and cats. We don't have pets but the neighbors cats are always out and tons of people walk their dogs by our house. I always think Jane is going to have a heart attack when she sees dogs and cats, oh the excitement! I picked up a pj pattern for the girls at the last pattern sale at JoAnns. I was not intending to buy any pj fabric but when Lilly and I saw this cat knit fabric, we got very excited. Then we showed Jane. Well, we had to buy it after that reaction.

McCalls 6428
McCalls 6428
McCalls 6428

I was worried about making Jane a size 1 (which I was thinking would be a 12 month size) but based on the measurements and now seeing the final product on Jane it is actually quite big. Jane is petite for weight but I think this pattern runs big. Also, a BIG, ANNOYING PROBLEM that this pattern ended up having some mistakes. First the neck ribbing was supposed to have one cut and instead it said to cut two but then the sewing directions made it clear that only one was supposed to be cut. But the biggest mistake was the directions on how to sew the pants up. They were flat out wrong and made no sense! After 30 minutes of sitting there trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do and ripping the first seam out, I realized they were just wrong. If I had never sewn a pair of pants before I would have been crying in the corner. Also if I had paid more than a dollar, I would have been emailing McCalls.

Pattern: McCalls 6428, view A and C

Fabric: cat knit and rib knit from JoAnn's

McCalls 6428
McCalls 6428

This is the best I could get of Jane wearing them, we have to fold up the knit ribbing on both the legs and the arms to make it fit her better. but man she sure is cute!

I bought the same pattern in Lilly's size too. I am thinking some Christmas/winter pajamas are definitely in need.


Jenn AJennuineLife said...

I have a friend who is looking for some more of this kitty knit fabric. I don't suppose you have any remaining in your stash you'd be willing to sell?

jenni said...

I don't, we used it all up! I got this fabric from Joanns so if they don't carry it anymore. I have seen other knit cat fabric there as well.