Wednesday, December 10

Pillowcase dress of sorts

I didn't have a pillowcase but I had this old fabric. I think it might have been a bit stiff for this but oh well. I used this tutorial from Red Instead blog.
a little big huh? I took in the sides a few inches and then it fit pretty good after.

I like the look of this dress over jeans and a top. It should fit her for a few seasons too. Do you like that hat? I traded this Etsy seller some socks for it. If you wanted to purchase a hat like that it would cost you 10.00! Isn't that crazy cheap? This size was for a 3-12 month old and it barely fits my girl but she won't let me take it away.


Shorty said...

Love the look! Very cute!

The Rambler said...

Waiting for Paypal to reset me up in the system....pardon the wait. :) new at Paypal.

I purchased your pattern Christmas Ornament on Esty via Shorty.

nicole said...

i wondered if you had made that when i saw it on the other blog...cute!

The Rambler said...

Back again. paypal is soooo frustrating...may we figure a different way? I'm completely new to Etsy so I figured this way might be faster to communicate. Sorry :(