Thursday, December 11

ribbon stocking hanger

We have all this brick in our apartment that makes it hard to decorate. This ribbon stocking hanger was exactly how I wanted to hang our stockings. I didn't take pictures of each step because this was very spur of the moment but wrote the steps below.

:: Take two different sizes of ribbon. I sewed the top end of each ribbon together, just to make sure the smaller red ribbon would stay in the middle of the wider green ribbon.

:: Once I figured out where I wanted the stockings to hang, I sewed buttons through both pieces of ribbon with embroidery floss.

:: Attach the top of the hanger to the wall and hang the stockings!
These stockings are all handmade. The big ones were made by grandparents when we were both born. Lill's was knitted by a family friend. I am hoping to make new stockings for all of us soon that match but don't match (you know that mean?). I am still thinking of what I want to make and since we usually are blessed by spending Christmas with family, I will just keep thinking about all the possibilities.

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Mel said...

That is suh a good idea. I may have to steal it. I never know where to hang ours.