Wednesday, December 3

Skinny Scarf Crochet Pattern

I was trying to make a scarf for my niece. I really loved a pattern from the book, Teach Yourself to Visually Crochet (which by the way is an excellent tool for MANY stitches). I chose bright purple and snow white yarns for her scarf. The snow white goes in the middle of the purple. It looked so delicious in pink and white on the model in the book. Well as I am working up the scarf I realized I hated the purple with the snow white. It was too much of a drastic color change with the pattern. My husband was NO help at all in giving his opinion. He tried, he really tried to have an opinion but he just gave up (it was actually kind of cute, watching him search within himself for an opinion about this purple and snow white scarf!). Anyways, I ripped the stitches of the scarf out and came up with this pattern. I LOVE IT!! I think it will be perfect for my ultra stylish niece.

Skinny Scarf

Skill level: beginner
Lionbrand homespun (I used Grape)
Hook: Size K
Swatch Gauge: it doesn't matter for this pattern, experiment!
Time: 1-2 hours

Finished Scarf Measures: 1 3/4 in x 98 in

extended single crochet (Insert hook in next ch, yarn over, draw a loop through (2 loops on hook), yarn over, draw through one loop on the hook (2 loops still on hook), yarn over, draw through both loops on the hook.)

Starting Chain: Chain a VERY long chain. This pattern is worked in the length rather then the width. I lost count for how many chains I did but it measured 98 inches.

Row 1: Work 1 ESC into second CH from hook and in every CH across to last CH. CH 2, turn.

Row 2-3: Work 1 ESC into first stitch of row and in every stitch across to last stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends.

That is what I did but add more rows or use different yarn or whatever!

Questions on crochet basics? ask me or check out Craftmaina's blog


nicole said...

look at you little miss 'i write my own patterns!' too cute. i think i will need some help crocheting - as soon as i find some time!!

~Kara said...

PURDY. Good job. She will love it.

Lori said...

love this - thanks so much for sharing!

jenni said...

Your welcome, let me know if you make one!

Shorty said...

You've inspired me to pick up my crochet hook which has been stashed away for years!!! Thanks for the inspiration and please keep it coming!!!

artisticblend said...

Thanks for sharing Jenni! I'm new to crochet (and left handed!) so this seems great for me to try. :)

sunniest said...

i like it!

Amy Kate said...

Super adorable! I just came across my crocheting bag, which has been untouched for about 6 years. I'm hoping starting again will be like riding a bike and I can hop right back into it. AND I'm hoping that this scarf will be a great foray back in!! Thanks!

Ben and Daisy said...

I found this pattern by googling "easy crochet scarf patterns". Thank you! I want to make my niece a scarf tonight, but I don't read patterns well. This is not going to be difficult to follow. She is only 6, so I'm going to have to make it shorter, but I think she'll LOVE it!

Kristen said...

love the scarf...gorgeous color. And love the coordinating rust-colored top. Where on earth did you find it?

jenni said...

Is it is a rust color! It was a hand me down from my sister so I don't know where she got it. She does love shopping at Charolette Russe, so maybe there?

Crazy_Creative_One said...

I LOVE this scarf! I've already made 8 of them for gifts! It's so quick & easy! Super cute!