Monday, March 29

my gor-or-or-or-or-geous clapotis!

my sunsety clapotis

my sunsety clapotis

That yummy yarn turned into my clapotis last week! Well it has been turning into it for awhile but I got it done last week. I feel like I haven't been making very many things lately but I guess it has just been some big projects taking up my time. I love this scarf/shawl. I really wanted to make a shawl, I love when other people wear shawls, they look so comfortable and cool (as in stylish, obviously they are rather warm and cozy). I am not sure how I look in a shawl though, I feel funny or like a fraud (no one has ever accused me of being cool, or maybe no one else thinks that people that wear shawls are cool, in which case I should fit right in!) Anywho, I can wear this as a scarf or a shawl so I am very happy I picked this pattern!

my sunsety clapotis

my sunsety clapotis
(sorry Auntie Joan, my posture is horrid, I will practice)

my sunsety clapotis

my sunsety clapotis

Pattern: Clapotis (see my mods on my rav project page)

Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino

I love this yarn, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have about 200 yds left over, I have no idea what to do with that amount, any suggestions?


Dani said...

Ho-ly. Cow.

That is stunning. Stunning I tell you!

How many synonyms for perfect are there? I use them ALL when describing this. SO makes me want to learn to knit. I don't think this would look quite so delicate in crochet.

nicole said...


Deanne said...

You are way cool. Well, you were probably cooler before kids because for some reason as soon as you pop one out your coolness level goes down a notch or two... it did for me anyways... love it! Love the color too!!

sallyb said...

This is just beautiful!! Kind of makes me want to learn to knit... but I think I'll stick with my crochet; it seems like less can go wrong! That yarn is absolutely stunning - can't wait to see what you make out of it!

Anonymous said...

Very purty, Jenni.

As far as what to do with the remaining yarn, I would go into "Patterns" in Ravelry and do and advance search by setting the parameters for the yarn weight and the approximate amount of yardage you think you have. It should give you pattern suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I think you're cool! And I think that Clap is one of the most beautiful I've seen. What yarn is that?

jenni said...

Thank you everybody!

Tammany, I am sorry I didn't tell the yarn up there, I edited to add it. It is Ella Rae Lace Merino. Really nice stuff! My first ever working with sock yarn though so I might be easily impressed.

Stephanie said...

WHEW! I have been late on checking blogs this week and was certain when I saw SEVEN comments that my idea for the yarn would already have been used up. Amazingly enough ~ it hasn't!! So, love the shawly scarf. Love love.
So, my idea with the extra yarn is to OBVIOUSLY make one for me??

Tracie said...

So incredibly beautiful! I have only managed to learn how to knit and purl and hope to advance so I can make things like this!

Kelsey Lea said...

That is simply beautiful! It makes me wish I could knit more than a pot-holder :)

I just started following your blog, and wanted to introduce myself. So... Hi! I'm Kelsey. I'm a 25-year-old who loves "grandma sweaters" ha, that about sums it up!

frou-frou said...

Hi I stumbled on your site (from flickr) and wanted to say hi! I love this wrap you have just compelted - the yarn is gorgeous (I'm using smiliar shades for a wrap in Patons smoothie).

My tip for using up the leftovers is to make some little coasters using a lacy granny pattern, or a little flower brooch that you can pin onto the wrap perhaps? Fiona