Friday, April 2

Easter things

Thank you for all you nice words on my clapotis! I have worn it everyday even in 70 degree sunnyness because well I just love it!

We have been working on a few Easter projects.
yarn bird's nest
Lilly made this bird's nest (idea here) for our table top! (that springy table topper was made by my mom, it's her favorite new table topper pattern, I think I have 3 now all for different holidays!)
yarn bird's nest

easter peep bunting
I had to make some Peeps bunting from Made. I really don't like to eat Peeps but that bunting kills me!
easter peep bunting

I absolutely loved LollyChops Wall of Flowers week. I have made a bunch of the flowers trying to do something fun in a frame with them but for now butterfly earrings! Such an easy crochet butterfly pattern, I made these for my co-workers birthday who actually asked me awhile back if I could make rainbow butterflies, thanks to LollyChops and her mom, I can now! I used a multi-color crochet thread size 10.
crochet butterfly earrings

I hope you have a wonderful springy weekend. It is supposed to be the 80s here! Here's to popsicles, sun, and easter candy!


Stephanie said...

love those butteflies - they look tricky!
happy easter!

Dani said...

Cute! All of it.

Katie May said...

I LOVE the Peeps! I wanted to make that ever since she posted it, but I just haven't found the time! I'll live through you. Adorable!