Monday, April 5

wondering, if she will like it

may baby sweater

I made a sweater for a certain baby girl. (great pattern (ravelry link to pattern) too, my first sweater pattern that I have worked in the round from the bottom up)

I also added some yellow buttons to the baby sophisticate, made quite some time ago will now be for that same little girl. I got that little sunny one piece to go with it.
baby sophisticate

This little onesie got embellished recently. I like it with the new sweater.
may baby sweater

I sure hope Baby Jane likes them. She is coming in August, I guess we will just have to wait to ask her then!
baby sophisticate

ps. This is Lilly's favorite outfit so far for Jane.
April 055

pss. Let the baby Jane crafting begin!


Adrienne said...

Oh indeed - she will love it. What wonderful news. I have two boys and they are best buds ... even when they are wrestling! ha!

Stephanie said...

i agree - she will definitely love it!

nicole said...

love the yellow on the baby sophisticate and the new sweater is ADORABLE! can't wait to see Jane in them!

Tracie said...

Congrats! We have a Peyton Jane in our house, our sweet 5 year old! Best wishes to you and your family!

Dani said...

Perfect color choices. I adore it.

Baby stuff...squee!!!!

Mel said...

oooooo...I really like the yellow sun dress with brown sweater and yellow buttons. Very cute!! She will definitely love them, and look so cute in them. Wish we could be around to see them in person.

欣盈 said...
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UK lass in US said...

What sweet cardis - I think that baby Jane will adore them. Aw, I wish I had known how to knit and sew before my kids showed up.

Alicia said...

Adorable sweaters! Love the colors. She'll love them, I'm sure. :)