Thursday, April 15

brown baby Jane

Thank you for your well wishes on Baby Jane! Baby Jane got another sweater last week.

baby jane brown cardi

Pattern: raglan sleeve easy baby sweater (pattern here but I just went there and it seems to be a reported attack site now? so maybe enter at your own risk, yikes!; see mods on my ravelry page)

Yarn: less than one skein berroco comfort in brown

baby jane brown cardi
baby jane's pile
Baby Jane's pile of handmades is getting larger. I didn't craft too much for Lills as a baby especially because I had never attempted any crochet projects or a non rectangle knitted project, so I think I have every right to go baby crazy now.

Jenni: Gregg, what do you think of Jane's new sweater? (jumping up and down!)
Gregg: another sweater? really? You know she will be here in August right? It is really hot in August.
Jenni: But this one has short sleeves. Besides they all won't fit right away, some are for the fall. Plus, babies in sweaters = CUTE!
Gregg: well maybe you should stop now.
Jenni: too late...look how cute this next one is going to be!!!

feather and fan cardi

So I keep going back and forth on the best way to sew buttons on a knitted or crochet project. I was trying to use the same yarn I knitted with but sometimes that is too think to get through the buttonholes more than once so lately I have been using embroidery floss that matches the buttons or project, what do you use?

Button shopping for this new blue sweater will have to wait though because Lilly and I are off to California on Monday! Yay! my sister! Disneyland! old friends! jiggity jig!


nicole said...

i struggle with the button thing too... i either use the yarn or embroidery floss, too. I don't like regular thread because it feels to thin and fragile.

SOOO JEALOUS that you get to go to D-LAND! have fun!

Dani said...

Another beautiful piece...and another beauty on the needles. Such great colors.

I am an echo to what was said above. I use the yarn from the project or emb. floss.

You are making me want to crochet another baby sweater...but I am sans baby to crochet for (at the moment).

Stephanie said...

ohhhhh how you make me want to learn to knit!!!

UK lass in US said...

It's gorgeous! Babies in sweaters are very cute - and when else can you knit something with a tiny amount of yarn that looks so sweet?

Have fun in California - are you from around here?

Resplendentquetzal said...

I love this sweater... makes me want to make two for my little girls (twins!), however i can't abandon the three cable pullovers that are in matching tones that I have to finish by next winter for all the kiddos to wear...

Maybe I'll just add it to my growing list of "have-to-knit-one-day" pile.

Casey said...

it's adorable! love the colorful buttons :)

Anonymous said...

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