Friday, May 21

Jane's feather and fan

Holy moly, I can't believe I left this space quiet for a month. There has been lots keeping me busy and I just really haven't made time to be here. But crafting for Baby Jane has been non-stop, including her baby quilt being made by Grammie! My parents came for a visit last week and my mom and I went fabric shopping for Jane and oh my gosh, we LOVE it! Her quilt top is being constructed now, I can't wait to see it all done! Meanwhile, here is her new cardigan.

Jane's feather and fan

Pattern: Lille's baby cardigan see mods on my ravelry page

Yarn: berroco comfort

Jane's feather and fan

Jane's feather and fan

Do you like our new chair? This time of the year is the best around our apartment complex because we live in medical student, post-doctoral, and graduate student housing. So come mid-May all the graduates move out and leave their unwanteds next to the dumpster. The rest of us with time left all scour to see what we can save! One year we scored a stair climber! This year was the chair! I am in love. There is a spring coming out the bottom and some of the upholstery got too much love but nothing we can't work with. Plus, we can always give it back to the dumpster if we change our minds.


Anonymous said...


And what a huge score on that chair.

nicole said...

seriously an AWESOME CHAIR!! i need to find me a place to score good free stuff!!

the sweater is adorable and will be great for a summer babe!

Dani said...

Love the colors of both the chair and the sweater!

You have been missed...glad to catch up.

Libby said...

The chair is amazing! In the best color too. And, Baby Jane is going to be quite the stylish one. :-)