Monday, February 15


Don't you just love fate? Last week was my birthday and my mom surprised me with a gift certificate to my local yarn shop. I was ecstatic about having money to spend there and she said I had to only buy yarn to make something for myself, woot woot. I wasn't sure when I was going to spend the money though, I wanted to do research and really think about what I was going to make with this special yarn purchase. BUT then I received an email from the yarn shop reminding me of their BIG sale coming on Saturday. This BIG sale just happened to be postponed from the Saturday before my birthday due to the 1st huge snow storm we had. So I decided that the smartest thing would be to go on Saturday and get my money's worth. I narrowed down my yarn want list to a two sweater patterns that called for the same weight of yarn and same amount and I also really wanted some sock yarn to make a shawl. I made it to the shop and squeezed into a parking space, it was packed! as I am sure you know sales at quilt and yarn shops NEVER happen! I walk in but I can't remember what the sale is exactly. So I ask a fellow yarn lover and she said everything is 40%!!!!!!! off except the yellow tag items (mostly just noro and dream in classy were not on sale). ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! (jiggity-jig) I was able to get some delicious yarn for some special projects. First my sweater yarn, berroco ultra alpaca in the most beautiful pea soupy green color,
beautiful pea soupy yarn
hello future sweater, I already love you.

Then, THEN, I got the most gorgeous yarn ever!!
hello, lover...
gor-or-or-or-or-geous yarn!

I can't stand how pretty, soft, and wonderful this yarn is. And it was all 40% off!! If it hadn't been my birthday AND more importantly if that nasty wonderful snowstorm hadn't have postponed that BIG sale. I would have only been able to get one of these projects but that good old fate got me two projects instead!

I have now tossed that annoying sweater aside (I have no idea why I am annoyed with it, but I am just not enjoying it)
farmers market sweater

and casted on that gorgeous yarn for the clapotis scarf. I really like this pattern because I can wear it around my shoulders or my neck but I will probably use the neck way more.
clapotis wip

ps. you can still enter my little giveaway until Thursday night!

pss. sorry I was a little long winded about my exciting yarn shopping, Gregg clearly didn't understand how exciting getting all that yarn was and I knew you would. I know you know what I am talking about...the sale and the lack of spouse excitement.


Meg said...

Wow! THAT reall is the most GORGEOUS wool ever! Love the mixing colours! It's like mentioned to bring the optimism :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jenni!

Both yarn selections kick some major butt.

I've long given up on getting my spouse to understand what all the excitement is about. ;-)

Stephanie said...

LOVE the yarn, those are beautiful colors!!
Happy Birthday to YOU! and yay for snowstorms ;)

Dani said...


Dang. Very jealous of that red.

Hello lover is right.

UK lass in US said...

Lucky you!

My local yarn seems to specialise in inpractical fluffy stuff and NEVER has a sale.

UK lass in US said...

yarn store, that is - can you tell that my daughter is climbing over my lap right now...

Jenn said...

I just found your blog. I love your fabric balls. They are beautiful! Great blog.

Anonymous said...

What pattern did you use to make that shawl/scarf?? I ti BEAUTIFUL Pleease share...