Monday, February 8


Lilly's last handmade present was a birthday shirt!

February 046

THREE appliqued candles. She really liked wearing her shirt and celebrating her birthday in general. However, the cape didn't go over so well. She put it on for 2 seconds once but I am guessing one day she will like it. Oh well, considering the amount of presents she got, they all can't be winners, now can they?

We had a small party for her this past weekend. She asked for a blue party, the kid loves blue. At first I thought oh, wow, that is such a unique idea and then as I went shopping for it, I thought how easy is this??!!

February 069

We hung up balloons and tissue paper pom poms along side the celebration bunting (she was a little upset about the lack of blue in the bunting). For the tissue paper pom poms, I followed the directions but I made them much smaller by cutting the tissue paper in half for two of them and in a quarter for one of them. So I had 8 sheets per pom pom but I only used 10 full sheets of tissue paper total. I had grand plans to sew take home bags for the kiddos to fill up with party goodies and then later use to store their special trinkets and treasures but time got away from me and I surrendered to boring ol' brown gift bags. oh well.

For activities, we played with slime which ended up being more like gak but equally as awesome. I used this recipe. Super simple and the party goers enjoyed it. We gave it all out as party favors at the end too.

We also made candy bracelets from twizzler tubes and any ring candy I could find. I wanted it all to be blue but no luck. I think the kids were a little confused on if they were supposed to eat it or wear it. I would have ate mine though.
candy bracelet

A successful birthday!


Dani said...

Such wonderfully simple ideas. I will be using a couple of these for sure. I have a couple of birthdays to celebrate in the coming months.

Stephanie said...

Definitely using that gloopy gunky stuff recipe! (it's the stuff that doesn't stick right?) and the bracelets definitely would get eaten at my house!!
Great party!

nicole said...


Kelly said...

My middle boy, who is turning 5 in 2 weeks, requested a green (the color, not the environmental movement) party months ago! I was so excited at the simplicity of the idea. So much easier than last year when he had a hedgehog party! :)
Looks like the kiddos had lots of fun!

jenni said...

Kelly, I wish Lilly loved green because you can seriously make the party much more green with all the green food! have fun!

ps. "not like the movement" HAHA!