Wednesday, February 10

heart bread stamping

OH MY GOSH! The snow around these parts is just INSANE! We still had snow from last weekend and we got another foot today but this time the wind came too and the weatherman said we had "blizzard-like" conditions. nice. Secretly, I have always been interested to experience a blizzard because of reading about them in Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Although, my experience looking out from my warm house into not really a blizzard compared to what she experienced was clearly not the same, it was nonetheless completely romantic to think about. I hope you don't think I am nuts, but I just loved those Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

heart bread stamping

Speaking of love, Lilly made valentines for her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I wanted to do some heart sponge stamping but eeeek! we didn't have any sponges. Lills was pumped to do some painting so we came up with cutting a heart out of a heel piece of bread. To make it easier for Lills to handle, we hot glued the cap from our laundry detergent container to the back of the bread heart.
heart bread stamping
heart bread stamping

This actually worked so much better than I thought it would. She got a solid 10-15 minutes of painting before the bread starting to break down and leave chunks on the paper, I think that was also her attention span time so we were all good!
heart bread stamping

We took advantage of our snowed in day, today, and worked on her valentines for her friends and classmates, she choose these turtles and bee ones. cute and free!


Dani said...

Brilliant idea!

I loved half-pint too. And I'm a bit jealous of your snowed-in self. Stay cozy.

Stephanie said...


UK lass in US said...

Sweet! I'm jealous of the snow - I'm hoping that I might get to go to the mountains and play, but my plans keep getting scuppered...

Rima said...

What a great idea. You always come up with such fun things.

emosback said...

so creative!