Friday, February 26

Lilly loves blue quilt

Lilly loves blue quilt
(Nonni, do you see the clock?!)

Lilly asked me waaayyy back in September to make her a blue quilt. She has 3 very special blankets all made by very special people but none of them are blue. That is a big problem in Lilly's world. So when she asked for a blue quilt, I responded well let's ask Grammie to make it! but she said no no I want my momma to make it. Okay then! I wanted to make this quilt big so she could use it as her bed comforter (for some reason this chick keeps growing and has outgrown sleeping with her crib quilt from Grammie). I got her the first round (the first of many rounds) of blue fabric in September. It sat and sat. I couldn't decide on a quilt pattern. With some input from Grammie herself, I decided on this block pattern (pattern found from this flickr photo). But I didn't make the first block until Grammie was here at end of October. I made it and it was the most frustrating thing I have ever made. I gave up. Those blocks are too hard, the instructions aren't matching up to what I need to do. But Grammie was here! She thought about it for 2.2 seconds and said well just cut a smaller block. so I did and it worked! Lilly patiently waited for this quilt all through the fall and holidays. She helped me sew other quilts, quietly asking where her blue quilt was. Now here at the end of February, Lilly loves blue quilt is finished!!

Lilly loves blue quilt

Now this quilt wasn't necessarily hard but for some reason it just took all of my mental abilities to work through it. I kept not buying enough fabric, so before the 3rd trip to the store, I finally sat down and figured out the math on how much I would need (this took a whole night in itself and I had to go back again for the backing and the binding, durr!). I am so happy my mom was here to help me through that first block. I would have never continued with this pattern, I love how the top turned out. I kept learning with this quilt too. On the last 6 blocks, I finally realized the easiest way to cut the final block and have perfect matching middles. The other 29 block middles have issues but oh well, Lilly is 3, she won't notice for awhile.

Lilly loves blue quilt

I used kona cotton in aqua for the binding and leftover square fabric from the front for a nice line across the back. I really like the back.
Lilly loves blue quilt

I quilted it with straightish diagonal lines in both directions. Four lines down through each white section. I love how the quilting matches the design of the quilt top, I sure didn't plan that out, a very happy coincidence!
Lilly loves blue quilt

Do you want to know what Lilly said as I was tucking her in that first night with her new blue bed blanket? I asked her if she was comfortable and warm and she said yes my blue blanket is just so beautiful! I think that was the nicest thank you, I could have heard.

Lilly loves blue quilt

finished size: 51" x 72"; a bit big for her toddler bed but bigger is better.

oh that blue pillow on her bed? Grammie made that for her birthday!
Lilly loves blue quilt

the yellow one? my great grandma made for my sister and I. (and I have 5 more of those sunbonnet sues to use for just the right project)
Lilly loves blue quilt

It is crazy for me to think that when Lilly was born she had a pink and green room (my choice was green but Gregg insisted she have pink too, after all she is a girl, he said) and now she is old enough her room is really becoming her own. Her own colors, her own special things to sleep with, her own handmade mess...I wonder what her room will look like in another 3 years.


Knit Purl Gurl said...

Just gorgeous!

The Hulls said...

Great job Jenni!!! It's beautiful!

Dani said...

Gorgeous. Really beautiful work.

My least favorite part of quilting is the math. Hate it. But it sure is pretty when it works out.

Jana said...

I love it!!!

Shorty said...

Gorgeous quilt! You did an amazing job! Love the shades of blue!

Tracie said...

Incredible! You are so talented.

J J and j said... is awesome. You do such great work. Made me curious if you have decided on baby colors for your next addition - or are you waiting until you know the sex? When do you get to find out?

Stephanie said...

that is gorgeous! i really love it. lucky lily!!

nicole said...

it is a beautiful quilt jenni! i hope i can make something like that some day! i LOVE it!

Deanne said...

I wish I had half your talent! I love it!! And I love Lilly! :-)