Friday, February 19

heart heart and a wiiiiinnnnnneeerrrrr!!

heart magnets
Lills made some sweet hearts for her family's valentines. We followed this tutorial. Super easy and she just loved sticking her thumb in the clay. That one on the right below she did all by herself and we decided it was a wonderful little butterfly instead of a heart. The painting was equal happiness for Lills, success!!
heart magnets

Okay on to the giveaway winner! I used generator. I couldn't believe the number it spit out...
random number
1!?? For some reason the first and last numbers just don't seem to have equal chances to me, so to see a 1 made me believe that generator really is random!

and the winner is... Jennifer! She is actually my neighbor and one of the nicest people you can meet.
winning comment
you can tell that by her answer, she really has nothing bad to say about anyone or anything including seasons! Congrats Jennifer, you crack me up!

Thank you for playing along with my little giveaway, it was FUN! Thank you Elena for letting me give your sweet calendar away, get your own here if you need one (and you sure do)!


Dani said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for the link. The Offspring would love this.

Shorty said...

Love the heart hearts! So glad your winner is such a sweetie. It helps me not to focus on my selfish desires of wishing it were me! : )

Happy Friday to you!

Stephanie said...

So jealous!!
The heart is such a fun idea... look at that little thumbprint!

The Hulls said...

Woohoo!!! Thank you so much Jenni! Oh man I'm so excited!! :)

Katie May said...

Oh my gosh! Jen's answer is SO true to her character! Haha! How funny.

And I LOVE the Valentine!

Rima said...

What a great idea. You make such unique things.

Deanne said...

What?! I missed the giveaway! Bummer! Well, congrats to your neighbor. ;-) xo