Wednesday, October 20

catch up

holy moly, it's been awhile! Two kids are a lot of work! I have been sneaking in some crafting here and there. I also figured out how to knit during some nursings. I am working on another sweater for me, a tea leaves cardigan. I really don't know why I am making myself another sweater. All I want to wear is my farmers market cardi...those pockets! I am trying to prepare myself to get spit up and snotty nose drippings on it, it's going to happen. I am also glad Gregg knows me so well, I asked him if he was sick of my farmers market cardi yet (he even knows the name), he said he was fully aware he would see it often this year.

Anyway, I was in the middle of binding off Jane's little sister dress when I went into labor. So it needed minimal finishing after she was here. I made it shorter than the pattern called for so I think its more of a tunic or shirt sweater. She should be able to fit into it soon! (see rav page for details)
Jane is a little sister
Jane is a little sister

I sewed Lills a circle skirt from Made's tutorial. It was so fast and I was so happy to have everything for it on hand. It seriously took a half hour. Lills and I have big plans for a light weight denim skirt next.
October 012
October 004

Here is Jane at 5 weeks wearing one of her dresses.
September 164

and she got some baby legs, the tutorial I used before is no longer and I tried to remember but I think I made the bottom cuff too tight so not sure how long she can wear them but these are so easy for diaper changes. Gregg thought they were all style and no function until he changed a diaper then he was a huge fan.
August 658

but currently I am addicted to sewing big butt baby pants, more on that later!


Shorty said...

You've managed to make some great garments during your busy days! I love them all! Great job! And it is great to see some new pics of your darling girls. So glad everyone is doing well!

Yarny Days said...

My word. Everything is SO CUTE! And so are the kids!

Megan said...

Oh, look that those tiny little baby toes! Now that that's out of my system - I'm really enjoying the tunic/dress you knitted! The colors, the simple style, the fact that you MADE's perfect!

nicole said...

all soo cute! good work mama!

Libby said...

I'm impressed by everything! Gorgeous work. And, the little one is growing so fast.

Dani said...

I love everything here!

Lordy your babies are beautiful. Both of them.

Steph said...

how i wish the knitted dress were crocheted! its sooooo adorable!
love your multitasking skills!

UK lass in US said...

So cute - I really love that little sister, um, tunic.