Wednesday, December 8

big butt baby pants

big butt baby pants

I'm addicted, it is an easy, fast, cute pattern. That always makes me giddy with how cute the finished pair is!

October 314
October 261
October 257
October 065
September 010

big butt baby pants

big butt baby pants

Two pairs of that pile my friend Jess made for Jane and included matching onesies!
September 123
(m is for our last name)
September 119
Thanks again Jess!

December 071
I have plans for many many many more baby pants for Jane, I have a new stack of fabric AND a NEW SERGER!!!!! Gregg got me a SERGER for Christmas!! A SERGER!! big big big points. He did all the research and surprised me with it on Monday! (imagine picture of me hugging said serger here)


Dani said...

I'm not sure if something could be much cuter than these.

That owl fabric slays me. I want some pants made from it...but I'll skip the big butt part.

UK lass in US said...


And lucky you - getting a serger! I'd love one, but admit I'd have no clue what to look for in one.

J J & j said...

Love that owl fabric. It is awesome. I am glad you liked the pants. Soooo jealous about the serger! Can't wait to see all the cool projects you can pump out with that one! Hope you are well - would love to catch up sometime soon!

Kristin Finch said...

alright you have to share the pattern to the pants, also the owl fabric and on your personal blog what is the fabric on that pillow on your couch. It is a olive green background with leaves all over. Pretty please share! I am going with a bird theme for Toni's fabrics and I just love the owl fabric you used! Oh and by the way Jane's is too stinkin cute!