Thursday, December 2

Jane's Stocking

Jane's stocking

Well this stocking was supposed to be for Jane but now it is mine and she get's my green one from last year. I had planned to make her a red stocking but I didn't like any of the reds at the yarn shop and Lilly was driving the yarn shop owner mad with her touching all the yarn (I can see her point of not wanting the yarn to get messed up but Lills was touching the yarn much like we all do when in a yarn shop!) So I felt extremely rushed to get the stocking yarn and get out. I love orange, forgetting Jane might not be such a fan for her Christmas stocking. Then the finished stocking turned out to be a bit smaller and weaker than Lilly's stocking and my green one. I think the two girls should have the biggest baddest stockings...thus the switch.

This is my 2nd time knitting from a purchased pattern (the first I have yet to show) and I must say I was expecting purchased patterns to be flawless. Neither of them were, mistakes, and/or poorly written instructions. I really was disappointed to pay for something that I had to think extra hard about what the heck to do next.

Pattern: Snowflake stocking from Ann Norling #1020 ( I bought mine from my local yarn shop)

Yarn: berroco vintage (such nice soft washable yarn!) cream is patons wool

Jane's stocking
(look how nice that yarn is!!)

Oh, Happy December! We started up our advent calender yesterday! We also added in a new calendar where we get to do a Christmas related activity every day. Such fun so far!


Pam said...

Beautiful and it looks like you glad you switched!!!!

UK lass in US said...

It did turn out beautifully. It sounds like you've got a more ambitious advent than I have planned. It's only day 2 and I already forgot to fill it once (I had to sneak the treats in when they weren't looking...)

nicole said...

LOOOOVE it! i'm a sucker for orange too though. And I love the big snowflake. I have yet to try that yarn, but I'm gonna have to order some!

Jana said...

I love it! It is perfect!