Wednesday, December 15

ornaments 2010

crochet bobble ornaments

memory ball ornament!
memory year ornament
I LOVE this! I wrote down good special memories for the past year on little slips of paper then slathered a clear glass ornament ball in mod podge and placed the memories on top. Then slathered much more mod modge on top. 12 hours later it was on the tree with a year tag. I hope to do this ever year.

crochet baubles!
crochet bobble ornaments
I had planned to make the girls daycare teachers some quilted ball ornaments until I saw this little gem. Not only are they so so so pretty they take no time at all and I was able to use up some yarn I wasn't sure what to do with. (my yarn was a bit thinner than the tutorial yarn so I did an extra round before dropping my ball in)
crochet bobble ornaments

family ornament
thumbprint ornament
The girls (still can't get over that there are two girls now!) put their thumb prints into a flattened ball of bakeable clay. Then Lills jazzed them up with paint and I sealed them with modpodge.

Here is our activity advent. Envelopes made from cardstock holding each day's activity. We are having so much fun with this and Lilly has been practicing recognizing double digit numbers, bonus!
Christmas activity advent
Christmas activity advent

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Dani said...

Your advent is cute...and the crocheted ornaments?!?! Yep. I'm swiping that idea and using it, for sure.

They are fab.