Monday, July 11

out west.

We made the trek out west sometime ago but we just now moved into a place of our own. Oh the housing woes, I won't even get into but finally we have a cute little Portland house that we are loving. It has a completely finished basement that is mostly carpeted except a little laminated flooring nook that is perfect for a...wait for it...wait...sewing area! I am still getting it set up, but I have been able to get the machine and serger out to take in a maternity shirt into something I can wear not pregnant. It felt great to sew! The house also has a backyard with a raised gardening bed so I have been studying up on how to be a gardener. The previous tenants planted spinach, kale, zucchini, and peas! whoot whoot! I added in some tomatoes and bell peppers. And then for fall plantings we are trying swiss chard, cauliflower, carrots, and more spinach. crossing! Lills and I are really enjoying this new venture. I just wish I had appreciated the huge garden my mom had growing up. I remember being so annoyed when I would have to go out there and weed or water...sorry Mom! Anyways, so now that we have stuff out of boxes, Gregg started work, and the girls and I are trying to establish our new lives and routines together, I am hoping to get back to taking pictures and journaling here in this space.

strawberry freezer jam!

strawberry freezer jam!

Oregon strawberries finally came! Here it is July and I think the strawberries just peaked. We have eaten so many and made many batches of strawberry freezer jam. We also tried this unique recipe for a thai chicken strawberry salad. I omitted the fish sauce, that stuff smells AWFUL, I am sure it tastes fine in recipes but I just couldn't get over that smell so I threw out the first dressing I made and the salad is seriously fantastic!
thai chicken strawberry salad
thai chicken strawberry salad

also here is the prettiest cornbread ever! A friend of mine sells Demarle bakeware and I have been eying the sunflower mold for forever. You want one right?! Even Gregg was impressed with this presentation, although he just loves cornbread too.

July 095


Shorty said...

Hi, Jenni! I'm so excited for your family and the new house, and you're in Portland??? My husband and I are dreaming of visiting Oregon to see if that's somewhere we could move to once my Little Guy graduates high school. It sounds like such a beautiful place to live. Congratulations to you! And, I'm lovin' that cornbread sunflower! So, so pretty!

Yarny Days said...

SO exciting! I look forward to hearing more stuff. How are the girls? Geez. It has been so long. And oh. strawberry stuff. LOVE.