Saturday, August 6

Bergen Street.

Bergen Street

I bought the yarn for this sweater right around Christmas. I think I may have cast on for it around then too. I did put this down a lot to work on other projects and then there was the whole move. So I may have missed wearing this for winter and spring as I had planned but here is looking forward to an Oregon fall!

Bergen Street
Bergen Street
Bergen Street

Pattern: Bergen street (bought on ravelry) size 35.

Yarn: knit picks city tweed dk in habenero and tahitian pearl

mods: none. (ravelry project page)

Great sweater to knit and the yoke details were a fun change although all the little yarn balls were a bit much at times. I love the way this fits, although if I were to do another I think some pockets would be a must.

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Pam said...

Love love this sweater great job Jennifer Mimi would be so proud of you!