Thursday, August 25

Jane's birthday party!

August 198

We got to have a simple family birthday party for Jane. A family birthday party?!?! what a big deal for all of us! This was our first one ever. We sure love it here in Portland! I didn't get to crazy with the decor. I needed to print a bunch of pictures for Jane's baby book and our walls but I first used them to make a watch me grow banner for the party. Lilly thought Jane would want a lot of color at her party, "J's", and "1's". I also made her a birthday crown, much like Lilly's.

August 191
August 192
August 195
August 259
August 218

As a part of her birthday presents, I wanted to give her decorations for her room (don't you love how you can give a one year old presents that you want?). The girls are sharing a room and I am trying to keep each side as their own theme. Not sure if it is working too well but at least Lilly likes her side. Here is Jane's wall:

Jane's room
Jane's room
Jane's room
Jane's room
Jane's room
Jane's room

embroidered name: Alicia Paulson's alphabet pattern in a spray painted oval quilting hoop, I didn't use crewel wool, but random needlepoint threads and yarn from my grandma's stash.

"J": a wire J, wrapped in fabric and other doo dads

doily: a purchased doily from Michaels in a spray painted embroidery hoop

blanket: grammie made

butterfly mobile: blogged about here (looking at that post, it seems surreal that our lives are so different from a year ago)


On a side note, I just read about the blog Peas and Thank You. I just subscribed to the Oregonian newspaper and we get the Sunday and Food day papers (perfect combo!). The food day paper had an article about the author of Peas and Thank you and her new vegan cookbook that is also kid friendly. The recipes shared in the paper looked really good, so I am curious about getting this book. Lilly has been a great eater but now I am having trouble getting her to eat fruit. And Jane is just not interested in food more than one meal a day and refuses cow milk, ugghhh! Does anyone read her blog or have her cookbook?

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Yarny Days said...

Happy Birthday, J! That looks like a fun party. And I love all the things in her room. You always pick some amazing colors.