Wednesday, December 28

stockings and ornaments

Last year, my sister saw a picture of the stocking I made Jane. She loved it and wanted me to make her, my niece, and nephew one. My sister isn't that into handmade so whenever she asks for something that is handmade, my mom and I jump all over the chance to make her the requested item. They requested the colors and design. My nephew wanted a bmx bike on his (yeah right). I started making these in August or September. I didn't want to stress myself out with the finishing. Of course, the knitting was done but I took forever to get the linings in so she just got them a few days before Christmas. But that's before Christmas eve, right?!
knit Christmas stockings
knit Christmas stockings
knit Christmas stockings
knit Christmas stockings

I like the linings in these, the stockings are so much sturdier. I am going to add one to Jane's stocking (that became mine because it was not very strong).
knit Christmas stockings

Lilly made popsicle stick snowflake ornaments. I made a bunch of these quilted tree ornaments. I also made this little house ornament for a friend (tutorial here I loved her idea for the roof ledge). Then I made a "house car" ornament for my parents who are addicted to RVing and their cat, Mr. B. We are giving out our ornaments this year with some granola. This granola is so so so so good. I have made 4 batches so far because we keep eating so much I don't have enough for gifts. It's a cycle! We made ours with almonds, pumpkin seeds, and cran-cherries. I might eat some right now.
popsicle stick ornaments
house love ornament
RV ornament
RV ornament
December 149

This is pretty much all I have this year for handmade Christmas gifts. I am working on a blanket for Jane that did not make it under the tree. Everything I was thinking of making for Lills, I gave up long ago and decided that making and giving them for her birthday was definitely the way to go. I am starting a part time teaching job in January and the prep work for the class has been taking up most of my crafting time. Plus, being a mom can be exhausting, it feels good to sit at the end of the day. I hope you had/have a good holiday!


Shorty said...

Love what you made for the holidays! Best wishes as you continue to prepare for your new job. Congratulations!
Happy New Year,

Michelle said...

Hi! Do you make these stockings to sell? I would love to purchase some from you!

Yarny Days said...

Everything is SO beautiful! I am in love with the stockings!