Wednesday, September 3

flour sack towels and cheese muffins

Embroidery is addicting. But there are only so much hooped embroidery you can take on a wall, so I turned to flour sack towels. I love them. A gal at work is getting married and I wanted to give her something so I am working on a couple of these. The cherries are for her but the pears were my practice. I asked Gregg what I should embroider, he said pears. I like to think that one pear is him and one pear is me (Gregg is the meaty pear, I am the half curved one with the cute butt, per Gregg).
Gregg thought the result was exactly what he had envisioned.

I used the towel to keep these babies warm for a bbq we went to. Cheese muffins are definately where its at!

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