Sunday, September 7

a need to sew

Two weeks ago I got this amazing urge to sew clothes. I wanted to sew myself a top, a flowy top. I went to JoAnns for a pattern and fabric but I just couldn't justify spending 8 dollars on a pattern, I have a craft budget limit you know. I decided to try making a wrap top with a pattern I found online for a toddlers wrap dress. I am not going to show it to you because I can't decide if it looks like a straight jacket or not. And if I showed it to you and told you I thought it looked like a straight jacket and you told me you agreed but then I changed my mind and wore it and loved it, you would feel bad that you said it looked like a straight jacket. So I will spare you that awkwardness and just show you later.

I also decided to make a taggie blanket for our new neighbor Fischer (he is a week old and supercute) and a new softer monster.

This monster has a hairdo and a tail. Sadly, Lilly doesn't understand that there can be two monsters. This new one has been thrown into the corner and told severely that he is just not welcome.

Gregg has his half marathon this morning! Go Gregg!

I love this picture of Nonni, Lilly, and Pabro! How cute is it that Lilly was holding both of their hands? What a simple way to make them feel so special!

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