Monday, September 15

Make Beaded Socks!

This tutorial is in the Etsy shop.

I have been making beaded socks for 9 years. I learned how to from a sweet lady that was a patient in the physical therapy office I worked in. I had never crocheted before but had a cute little niece that needed these socks. She spent just an hour teaching me the ins and outs. After 9 years, I have experimented with different designs, threads, and buttons. In making this tutorial I set up my camera and made socks as I normally would, detailing ever step with the camera. Since you can’t have my sweet patient to teach you, I think this picture tutorial can take her place.

This tutorial contains 43 pages with 87 detailed pictures and written instructions. It shows how to make beaded socks with buttons, pony beads, and tri-beads. It also gives two different patterns for adding a second layer to your socks. As well as just a simple ruffle pattern for socks. You do not need to know how to crochet to make these socks. The few basic stitches there are, the tutorial adequately explains.

Feedback from a buyer: "Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. It's full of great photo's and easy to follow directions. Have already made a couple for my granddaughter who loves them alot. Thank you."

This is an Adobe PDF file (3.77 MB) that will be emailed directly to you. Please include your email address with purchase. There are no shipping charges as this tutorial contains the pattern and instructions and does not come with socks, beads, or thread. You can buy this tutorial here. Or click on the button below!

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