Friday, September 12

a nursing cover

My new neighbor mom, asked me to help her make a nursing cover. We never got around to getting together before the new neighbor got here. So I got the pattern and materials and made it for them. I freakin' love these things!! Why did it not occur to me to make these when I was nursing Lilly? She was such a sweater under a blanket and I am too modest to not use one in public. But these are great, take an hour to make, and you could pay 25-35 bucks for someone else to make them. I think it will be my gift of choice for some baby mommas.

They are basically a rectangle of fabric hemmed all around with a stiff plastic on the top so you can see what is going on underneath but no one else can. This pattern even had burb cloths built in on the corners.
Little Birdie Secrets has a great tutorial that is almost like the one I used.

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clintandleximorgan said...

It is an amazing you can show your neighbor how to make them! She needs help.