Monday, July 27

catching up

flower onesie

From the moment I saw House on Hill Road's how to on this ranunculus, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I love those projects that not only you want to make right NOW, as soon as you start, you are done, so you have your little obsession right NOW!

flower onesie

I see many more of these on cute little girls that I know shortly. In fact, this flower might even be easier than applique.

Oh I have to show you my new gift tags! I wanted to have a small, mostly, blank gift tag where I could write down the care instructions for handmade gifts. Some things I don't think need them but beaded socks sure do (they have their own special tag) and definitely yarny projects. I order my business cards and the beaded socks care instructions (as a blank business card) through They have a ton of selection and the prices seem reasonable to me. So I got a simple flower business card and added a few lines but still left plenty of room for the care instructions.

gift tags

This past week I didn't have any crafting time for me because I had another HUGE sock order for 42 pairs! I finished up yesterday!
beaded sock order

ps. Happy 35th anniversary to my lovey dovey parents!


Stephanie said...

Holy socks beanster!!! That is insane-ness! But fun ;)
Love the flower button thingy too.. I'll take two please!
and, last but not least: happy anniversary to those fab parents that stayed together - holla!!


Stephanie said...

oops! I also am loving those tags.. I need to tell my sister about them - she is looking for some grand tag ideas! thanx :D

Mel said...

Thank you, thank you!! I absolutely love the onesie, and of course the sweater, with the tag and all. ;) Very clever and cute! Where do these sock orders go to!? :)