Monday, July 13

room projects and new to me blogs = inspiring!

Thank you for your congrats and crafty suggestions! I am so pumped to get started. My mom is also chomping at the bit to know b or g so she can start working on V2's quilt.

I finally got poster frames for the posters I made last fall (posters download on the sidebar if you want), so room redo was on my mind. I know I said I wasn't going to start any new projects until I got all my other projects finished. But these raggy letters are such a good idea, I had all the supplies, and it was so nice to do a quick project.

raggy letters

I had some foam letters spelling out "Lilly's Pad" above her bed. They were a little tired. I like these raggy letters much better. For size, I cut letter templates out of a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Lilly picked out all the fabric for them and helped me hang them up. I wanted to hang the letters with clothes pins across a piece of string on the wall but they were a little floppy. I think it would be fun to add these letters to a tummy time mat too.

raggy letters

I found some new inspiring blogs, maybe you know these, maybe not but I thought I would share:

Made: lots of sewing especially clothes

My So-Called Kitchen: cooking! and she has a refreshing take on some vegetarian dishes but seriously this beer battered fish is good!

Gourmet Mom on-the-go: my neighbors actually go to church (used to, she just moved) with this cooker/blogger, she has really fun ideas for cooking with kids, dinosaur claws! how fun, dang my daughters peanut butter allergy

Cookus Interuptus: cooking whole foods, each recipe has a pretty entertaining video. So far we have tried, Grace's Mole Con Pollo, mexican brown rice, chicken teriyaki and vegetables all good

what new to you blogs are you enjoying?


Casey said...

I love those ragged letters! I wish I had more fabric so I could make the whole alphabet for my son.

those cooking blogs look great! I'll have to make a list of new to me blogs too, there's a few I'm loving right now!

Stephanie said...

And I too love those letters... I have an idea brewing ;)

dana said...

Thanks for the blog link! And those letters are adorable. I love the frayed/ragged edges too!

Rima said...

Such cute little posters! And your lettering is so great.