Tuesday, July 14

friendship star quilt

I think I mentioned before that I have a few friends with babies baking away and some are not finding out the sex...making crafting for them hard. I guess it is just hard for me to do a neutral craft. I had a plan for a girl quilt and a boy quilt. I have been struggling with the fabric choices for the boy quilt so no work on that one yet. But I got the baby girl friendship star quilt done!

friendship star quilt

My blocks are not perfect. Edges are not lined up perfect. I need practice on cutting straighter and sewing straighter. I always think I nailed that cut or that seam but nope a little imperfection shows up anyway. that is okay.

friendship star quilt

I also worked on some of the blocks then took a break from the project. I came back and finished the blocks then realized I had two different star orientations! I thought no way am I ripping those seams out (so lazy), luckily I had a good plan that I thought would make use of the different orientations. Now that I see it all put together, I think I should have ripped out the middle star, and made it match the 4 corners but I still like it.

friendship star quilt

For the back, I really like just using one piece of fabric because I am just not that skilled at making a pieced back appear straight (making the quilt sandwich is hard enough to also have to worry about what the heck the back pattern looks like). Unfortunately, I needed just a few more inches to make a back, so I did do one piece of green. I really like that addition. Yea, for being forced out of the comfort zone!

friendship star quilt

Measures: 46 inches square before washing (I should remeasure it now after washing)

Fabric: The pink fabric is from the Posies from the 30's by Bev Proulx for Henry Glass fabric line. Green, yellow, and white are all from joann's.

Pattern: friendship star block


nicole said...

i like the different orientations - makes it more interesting! i'm still so impressed with your stippling...i REALLY wanna learn, but for 1 i am way nervous about controlling a big quilt and 2 i think i need a better machine...

Libby said...

I like the stars too! The center one is fine too for me. And I love the simplistic backing. Whatever "imperfections" you think are there will surely go unnoticed when the mommy-to-be gets this. Great work! :-D

Casey said...

this quilt looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks Wonderful!
I seem to have lots of luck finding Japanese fabric for boys. I will say that I did just see great boy fabric at Burkholders.

Stephanie said...

Love that green strip! And the cutting looks good to me although it warms my heart to hear you think you need to learn how to cut straighter because I thought I was the only one who could use a roller cutter AND ruler and still fail to make it straight and fabulous!

Mel said...

I think it looks awesome. I didn't even notice the stars until you said something, and then it still took me a minute to figure out what stars.

clintandleximorgan said...

That quilt is amazing! Way to go Jenni!