Thursday, July 9

want to make list: a big bad BABY version

That is right, this list is for MY baby!! Version 2 or V2 is what we are affectionately calling the baby in my belly until we know the sex. We are impatient people who obviously can't stand the wait. Plus, knowing V2's sex sure makes crafting a lot easier. I am not a big blue or pink kinda mom but certain colors do work better for girls or boys. Here is a preliminary list of stuff I want to craft. I know I will add tons more once we know b or g, especially clothing projects. Which is why I started Christmas crafting now, so I could use the winter for baby crafting! V2 should be arriving early February. Right around my girl's 3rd birthday and my 31st! What a birthday celebration we will have every single year!

Any other suggestions??


baby shoes


kicking bag (rav link)


crib sheet
nursing pads
moby wrap
nursing covers
recycled wool soakers (this link has several good links, including turning a prefold into fitted! although I think the prefold works perfect as is)
newborn fitted diaper (not sure I can pull this off but I am very curious to try)
kimono shoes (TONS of other things on this link too)
baby legs
recover infant car seat


belly band
knit waist band skirt


nicole said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby!!!

Rima said...

Wow!!! Congratulations :)

Stacy said...

V2! That is great. We had womb names, too: Peabo and PB&J. Our friends call their's Fishstick. Love womb names!
I started reading your blog when I found Mr. Peen. You are funny! I have started crochet and am coming along at a "respectable" pace.
As for my suggestions, you gotta sew up a Mei Tei and an OnBag with pouches. Also, you need a wet bag. Please check out my post with pictures
While there, please search for OnBag for the free pattern and Moby to see what I made. Really, the OnBag is the cool bag of the century!
Congratulations! What a fun time!

Stephanie said...

V2 that is hilarious. Congratulations!
I love your list... so ambitious of you. If V2 turns out to be a boy I remember a few posts back something "fun" you could crochet for him LOL!!!!

Deanne said...

I love my Moby wrap! Can't wait to see all the cute baby stuff you are going to make. :)