Monday, January 12

Babies, babies, babies!

It might just me be but I feel like most of my friends either just had a baby, is pregnant, or is trying for a baby. Which is wonderful for me because I can craft away for the little balls of love. A new craft I became addicted too over Christmas was crocheting baby shoes. I found this pattern for sale on Etsy. I first used a cotton yarn but it seemed a little too thick and made bigger shoes then called for: newborn pattern was making up as 6 months. I then tried Simply Soft by Caron which I like much better. Aren't they great? I think I have made 8 or 9 pairs. pretty darn addicting.

I modified the pattern to make some girlie mary janes.


Casey said...

omg! they're gorgeous! I don't know how to crochet, I would love some of those shoes for my little guy. can I pay you to make some for me?

jenni said...

Thanks Casey! I would love to make some for you, I will be emailing you shortly!

Mel said...

I love the Maryjane ones!! Those are adorable.

MamaJenn said...

Very Nice! Do they have a pattern in adult size... lol

Amber said... - so cute! I am continually in awe of you!

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Darling!!! I love these shoes.

Mamaduso said...

I just bought the pattern today. I have a baby shower on Saturday next week. I can't wait to make them. How long did it take to get the pattern emailed to you? I'm still waiting.