Monday, January 26

Theodora Sweater

Completed! My first sweater is finished. It really has mistakes and doesn't look exactly like the pattern picture. I still need to block it but I have never blocked anything before so I am hesitating. I have time to waste as I think it is a tad too big for my girl now. I did have her try it on and she HATED it. HA! I think she wanted it to close with a button and I haven't added those on yet. That comes to a big mistake. The pattern called for a garter stitch on the edges of the cardigan. I was doing this perfectly for the first 6 rows but then some how I kept adding a stitch. Before I noticed both edges of the cardigan were jetting out. So I brought them back in a tad and thought oh well not pretty but still functional. To prevent myself from adding a stitch in I would do a yarn over when switching from knit to purl. bad idea. I no longer have those nice holes for which the buttons were supposed to go through. You can't see the ugly cardigan edges because of the sweater being unblocked but oh when I get up the nerve to block the sweater it will not be pretty. I do think I did a good job on the stockinette stitch and the back looks nice. It was just those darn edges. I am okay with my first attempt at knitting a sweater. It is still functional as warmth. My girl will out grow it soon. It was my first time.

I have dreams of knitting myself a sweater...I like this February Lady sweater and I like the way Philigry did the stockinette stitch instead of the lacy pattern. It seems less intimidating. But I also really like this crocheted chevorn lace cardigan. I do feel loads better about my crochet skills. Maybe I will start there first. decisions decisions. In the mean time, I have tons of babies to crochet shoes for and I started Coco's Bobble dress for my girl. By the way, I am really bummed it is Monday all ready.


nicole said...

it looks great! what kind of yarn are you using? i'm using crappy vannas choice - don't like it at all.

Shorty said...

Love the cardigan. Thanks for sharing all your crochet links!