Friday, January 9

birthday progress

birthday banner fabrics
This banner will serve for all celebrations not just for birthdays or half birthdays, which I like to celebrate too. There are several tutorials with different ways to make banners or bunting, these are some: here, here, and here. While I liked parts of all these ideas, I didn't love that edges might fray and the thought of applying fray check to all the edges seemed crazy at many levels. I also wanted to have both sides of this bunting to look nice so you can hang it up in the middle of the room. I didn't choose boy and girl fabrics I just chose ones that I liked and will work for whatever celebration we have.

This is what I did:
  • Make a triangle template in MS Word. I set the dimensions of my triangle as 6 inches wide and 7 inches long.
  • Place the template on a double layer of fabric, wrong sides together and cut triangles. Keep each of the two layer triangle together. This makes sure that all the triangles match sides and you don't have to put two pieces of fabric together later.
  • Then stitch 1/2 inch seam allowance down both sides of the triangle.
  • Use pinking shears to cut the raw edges of the sides. It doesn't have to be perfect. I realized after perhaps a zigzag stitch at the edge of the triangle would have combined these last two steps into one. But the look of the pinking shears is nice.
This really didn't take too long. One night I chose the fabrics. The next night I cut triangles. And last night I sewed them and pinked the edges.birthday banner fabrics

Now I need to attach them all together with binding. I really want to buy binding that is already folded. But I already used my entire months crafting budget (there was a yarn sale, I went nuts). So I could wait until February to finish this but that might make me to stressed. My mom makes bindings all the time for her quilts, I think she does it like this. That doesn't seem to annoying I think I can handle doing that. But cutting those strips, that doesn't seem fun at all...

my happy triangles
birthday banner fabrics


nicole said...

cute cute cute! i'm jealous that you have all that fabric to choose from!

Casey said...

you chose really great fabrics! they look so good together. I've been wanting to make some bunting, not sure why I haven't, it doesn't seem too hard.

and I am jealous too, I wish I had that kind of fabric just laying around my house

J said...

Love those fabrics. That flower one in the 2nd picture looks vintage like. Love it!!