Thursday, January 7

for mom

I am glad I have some Christmas crafting saved up to share because I have been moooving s o o o s l o w. I started a new sweater for myself with some patons wool that I scored in November for 2 bucks a skein!! But I really haven't been in the mood to craft much and I even have been watching tv and just sitting there...nothing in my hands. crraazy. Gregg is slightly freaked out.

Anyway, I made two small gifts for my mom.

a cowl.
mom's cowl

my mom doesn't like the feel of wool at all even the softest most wonderful wool will feel like velcro against her skin. I branched out a bit with the color for my mom because my dad is obsessed with the color blue (even more than Lills) so I usually stay away from blue for my mom so she can get a break from it. But I thought this bright blue with her signature yellow would be nice for her.
mom's cowl

pattern: Ilean (rav link)
yarn: Araucania Nature Cotton
mom's cowl

and Hazel the Hedgehog
hazel the hedgehog sewing friend
hazel the hedgehog sewing friend

hedgehogs remind me of my mom because Rigger (her dog that passed away last spring) used to love playing with his hedgehog toy, the toy's name was Hoggie. She still had a brand new Hoggie that she hadn't given to Rigger yet. I thought Hoggie and Hazel could sit together and watch over my mom while she sewed. Hazel also has my grandma's favorite colors on her.

hazel the hedgehog sewing friend

Pattern: pieces here
Decorations: I liked the look of Lollychops girl hedgehog but didn't have those flowers she used so I used a simple crochet flower pattern to decorate her. The flowers were made mostly with crochet thread, the cream flowers were made with berroco alpaca light.
hazel the hedgehog sewing friend


Dani said...

Beautiful work. I dig it all. Your color choices are spot on.

Megan said...

I'm so tickled by your colorful hedgehog! It's so sweet. The scarf color is fabulous, too. I so enjoy these refreshing colors when it's rainy and blah outside. Thanks for sharing!

nicole said...

cute cute cute

Elaine said...

Just stumbled upon your blog!! love the colour of the yarn you have used for the cowl. I have found recently I have to crochet when a film is on TV to keep me awake! not sure which my husband finds more annoying!!

victoria said...

Wow, I really like this cowl, the color and the stitch look really nice.

Rima said...

OMG. I love your hedgehog. it is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

Yarni Gras! said...

what wonderful creations. That blue is beautiful....and really pops with the yellow button. I love Lolly's hedgie too...but your flowers are AMAZING!

kristi said...

I'm new to your blog and I'm in awe over your crocheting. I love the flowers on Hazel! Have you posted the instructions on those?
I really want to make a scarf out of flowers like Hazel's - just crochet each one and sew them together... any advice?

jenni said...

Hi Kristi, thank you so much. I actually got the flower pattern from the book, "teach yourself to visually crochet." It is a super simple pattern but I have completely forgot it and I had to return the book to the library. But I found this link that is pretty close to what I did I think:

The other thing you could do is go to and look for a flower scarf pattern, I bet there is something there that you might fall in love with. Good luck!