Monday, January 4


I have a couple more Christmas handmade gifts but I just had to show you what I finished. Lilly's Steggie!
steggie sweater

steggie sweater
I got to do some new techniques with this sweater and it was really challenging. A zipper into a knitting garment, new for me. I like what I did but it could be a lot better with a longer zipper and less stretch to the sweater. But it works great. I got the zipper from, and I sure will again! they have tons of colors in all kinds of zippers. Joanns was seriously lacking in the plastic separating zipper department.
steggie sweater

steggie sweater
I have never done sleeves like this pattern called for before, it seemed very backwards and it was complicated keeping all the yarn untangled. But it was okay until I seamed up the sleeve. It looks terrible! not at all like the pattern picture showed. I think it may have been my poor skills though because looking at other sweaters made with this pattern didn't seem to look as poor as mine. I did like adding the scales after the fact to the hood. That to me looks crisp and well done. So if I ever made this sweater again, I would try and figure out how to make the sleeve look like the hood.

steggie sweater

Despite my issues, Lilly LOVES her sweater. I have never seen her so gaga over something I have made her before. She was straight up yelling at me to get the zipper in place. (She couldn't understand that I needed to look up how to do that). This sweater is really thick which probably isn't a good thing with how sweaty she gets (takes after her dad for sure). She wore it to school today which made me bust my buttons because she got a lot of new sweatshirts for Christmas and I let her pick her own clothes in the morning.

steggie sweater
rarrrr! (I love looking at the finished steggie projects in Ravelry, most of the kids are acting like dinosaurs and generally being awesome in their sweaters!)

Pattern: Steggie
Yarn: impeccable loops and solids in aqua and vanna's choice in eggplant and burnt orange (i think)


Dani said...

LOVE IT!!! Too cute for words. (I wonder if there's a crochet version.) Your little dinosaur is a cutie too.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Love the colours!

Stephanie said...

That is adorable.. and the little girl wearing it makes it just a little more so ;)
Took me until my pics downloaded to figure out who would call a pattern STEGGIE... obviously dinosaurs aren't huge in our house - but that sweater WOULD be. I think the hood looks just as great as the rest and the zipper too.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jenni! Lilly's sweater is awesome!

I've yet to put a zipper in a knit sweater. I think I'll have to do that when I eventually get around to knitting my Central Park Hoodie.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! That is so cute! I have an almost 5 year old who would love that for his birthday! Do you think I can learn to knit and make a sweater in 6 weeks?!? :)

Shorty said...

How cute is that? Love it! And so glad your daughter does too. A very fun sweater!

UK lass in US said...

It looks so sweet. I don't think that I'm ready for zips on knitting yet, though...

The most popular said...

WOW! You did an amazing job! I love it!! You are always inspiring me to learn to knit... maybe I will one day!