Thursday, January 21


Aren't you all amazed by all the giving that blogland, craftiness, and technology can create? Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy shop has been doing just incredible, over $20,000 so far. When Morgan Moore ran the NieNie Benefit Sale Etsy shop last last fall, I remember being so amazed then. But this Haiti effort has been just phenomenal! I can't imagine all the time that the ladies behind the scenes must have spent and even with such attention to detail. Beki, who listed my donations, was so nice. She emailed me to let me know when my tutorial was listed and kept relisting more and more as it sold and let me know when those were up. I just couldn't believe that she would take the time to tell me when it was up. I figured I would just see it listed myself. I purchased a "charm bracelet" quilt pattern. I just love that design, actually all of Kate's designs look amazing. How generous is she?, she must have donated at least 100 quilt patterns to the shop. Her patterns kept selling and they kept relisting them like crazy!

I am not sure when I will get to make a quilt from her pattern though. I think I mentioned I have two big projects in the works, a sweater for me and a quilt for Lills. The sweater is getting insanely boring. It was too the point that I was getting mad at it while knitting. and well that poor quilt has been in the works since October. I think I finally have all the fabric I need for it and now I just need the motivation. So ignoring these big projects, I have been having the best time crocheting!

Dani got me hooked (haha) on making some earrings.

crochet earrings

I used this pattern and a mustard colored embroidery floss. I have an obscene about of crochet thread (from all those socks) but I was craving this mustard color. and no joke I have worn these for almost two weeks straight (they're on now)!

Dani mentioned to look on Rav for more patterns, hello, that is a great idea! so I did. I made a pair like this (rav link) in purple for my sister's birthday. I am unsure now if she will like them, so I think I will take a picture and just ask her. I wanted to make a bunch more but I ran out of old lame earrings to swipe the earring wires from. BUT I just bought a big bag of earring wires from Joann's last weekend so I will be able to get busy with that soon.

In the meantime I have been decorating. I was so proud of myself for actually getting the silhouettes hung but then I was bummed because the wall looked boring...well no more!
crochet + silhouettes = happy wall

this picture by LolaNova and this one inspired me to no end!

crochet + silhouettes = happy wall

I used Lucy's flat circle pattern and this potholder pattern just with less rounds.

and now I am addicted to making granny stars again!
stack o' granny stars granny

...Although I must say, I feel a bit guilty being so fortunate in having "problems" like a boring wall or a knitting project that I really just want to stomp on...


calicodaisy said...

Love all the crochet! The Craft Hope for Haiti shop is such a marvel. I listed a couple of items, which sold pretty quick, and I was so glad to help in a small way! -- michele

Dani said...

Those are so cute! I really like the color. I too am going through a mustard yellow phase.

Your silhouettes are amazing. And they are anything but boring. Did you do the crochet accents? Your arrangement is perfect.

And by the way...muchas gracias for the linkage.

Casey said...

I love all the colors you used!

accountantgrrl said...

Thank you for the link to the esty store. I had no idea that there was something like that set up.

Love the earrings!

nicole said...

cute cute cute

Stephanie said...

loving it all! how fun are those earrings?!

Rima said...

What a great color for the earrings! And I love what you have done with the wall.

Shorty said...

Your decorations look great... I love the variety! And your earrings turned out beautiful!