Friday, January 1

for Gregg

Happy New Year! We were super dull last night but we did mange to stay up until 1130. I know, woot woot. We watched the movie Funny People. loved it!

Gregg's blanket

This was a super secret undercover gift project. As I am sure you know, making a quilt is pretty time consuming and trying to do this without the recipient knowing who also happens to live in your house is pretty darn complicated. Luckily, Gregg works a lot and he had a couple of on-call nights. A couple of the on call nights he got off earlier than expected, I was trying to sound excited when he called saying he was coming home, but really I was frantically hiding all the evidence. There was also one Saturday morning when he went off to study and I shamelessly stuck Lilly in front of the TV with breakfast then ran back to my sewing machine. All of that sneaking around paid off. On Christmas morning, he had NO idea!

Gregg's blanket
Gregg did almost all of his undergrad and then stayed on to receive his masters at University of Oregon. He is in love with Oregon. He will always be a Duck fan at heart.
Gregg's blanket

Gregg's blanket
He is now a med student at Penn State. He loves med school here. I thought it would be fun for his blanket to have a little bit of both.
Gregg's blanket

Details: He loved this blanket so much that I did the Oregon side much like it with big random rectangles of fabric. I quilted it long lines that are not straight at all in gray thread and binded it in kona cotton in coal. I really like how the gray looks with both sides.

Size: 48 x 62

What a great day to snuggle with his blanket too as both teams have their bowl games today!


Anonymous said...

Holy Horse!

Gregg's quilt is awesome! It must be a really great feeling to know that he appreciates all the work that goes into making something handmade.

Stephanie said...

You sneaky little creative wife! Thankfully I am neither sneaky or that creative.. I can only imagine my husbands dismay at opening a Tiger Woods quilt (after months and months of planning and sewing) to have him have to snuggle up to HIM! LOL
Happy Snuggle times and a happy new year to you!

Ale said...

Wow! It´s a beautiful quilt!!

Happy New Year from Guatemala!


Dani said...

Nice. I need to make ME a version of this with a Longhorns and Spurs theme.

I actually made a baby blanket for a friend that I have yet to post with the reversible sports team thing going. But it isn't a quilt. The quilt aspect takes it up a notch.

nicole said...

grant's words: ohhhhh!! i may be making one of these next year! good work

UK lass in US said...

What a great wife you are. The grey does look perfect.

I wouldn't have to be so sneaky in this house - my husband is usually oblivious to most things that I am doing, so I can usually hide things in plain sight.